About Us

Riley Maintenance Systems offers high quality products and services that consistently deliver real value. With over 75 years of industry experience, we are committed to developing and nurturing partnerships with our customers. Allow the staff at RMS to assist you in determining the correct combination of chemicals and cleaning processes to maximize your maintenance investment. By utilizing our quality products, knowledge, free local delivery and other value added services, we can save your company valuable time. RMS represents Janitorial and Sanitation product lines that are designed to help achieve time and labor savings. Providing your facility with the proper training, equipment and chemicals can also save you money. According to the ISSA, over 90% of a facilities maintenance budget is spent on labor. Saving 5% of the 10% you spend on chemicals, forces your staff to work harder, possibly with worse results. Reducing the amount of labor needed is a more cost-effective means to producing a better result. Learn more about labor saving products such as Betco's Express floor finish which is ready for recoat in as little as 5 minutes. Contact RMS today .

RMS is also an authorized service center for Betco, Eagle Power, Hoover, Pacific, Pro-Team, Triple S and Viper equipment. Properly maintained equipment cuts labor time which is the largest component of the total cost of cleaning. The wasted time, effort, and danger of trying to work with improperly functioning or broken cleaning equipment is far greater than the cost to keep it maintained and in proper working condition. For this reason, RMS provides a quality, efficient and knowledgeable equipment repair service as well as accessories, such as: rotary brushes, hoses, wands, squeegees, bags, belts, etc. Contact our service department to discuss your equipment repair and preventative maintenance needs.

Oliver Riley is pictured above with Steve Ashkin, of the Ashkin Group LLC, at the annual Triple S meeting. The focus of the meeting was the "SSS Earthcare", Green Cleaning product line. Contact RMS today to learn how you can enjoy the benefits of environmentally friendlier cleaning products.