SSS® Bulldog Disposable Dusting Sheet - 6" x 8"

Item # SSS31871

  • Designed for one time use. Simply use and toss. Can be used in dry or damp environments. Should only be used wherever dusting is required.
  • Do not submerge in water or detergent before use
6" x 8", 1/250/cs
Alternate #31871
  • Description

Holds onto dirt like a Bulldog holds onto a bone. Reduces cross-contamination and healthcare acquired infections. Improved appearance for higher customer/patron satisfaction. Cleaner, safer floors for reduced liability. More adhesive on the outside of each sheet means more effective dust, dirt, sand and hair collection. Single-ply construction eliminates the risk of coming apart. Designed for use with any existing dusting tool. Proprietary adhesive leaves no sticky residue. Double-sided for extended use.